What is it?

The Live Nation Women Fund is a global, early-stage fund that Live Nation established to improve gender equality across the industry by investing in female-founded live music businesses. It aims to provide capital and resources for underrepresented female entrepreneurs across the live music space.


Live Nation strives for gender equity in our industry. The Live Nation Women Fund will help address issues of gender disparity in live music by identifying, funding and supporting female entrepreneurs to create access and opportunity for women in the industry.

How do I appy?

Applications for investment are reviewed on an ongoing basis and follow-up interviews are made by invitation only. To submit an application, please click below to provide the required information for your business to be considered. Each submission will be reviewed carefully by the Live Nation Women Fund advisory committee and if your business meets all criteria and is decided to be a viable candidate for investment, you will receive a formal invitation for a follow-up interview. Due to the large number of applications we receive we are unable to provide timing of responses.



The Live Nation Women Fund is a part of Live Nation Entertainment, Inc., which, together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, is referred to as Live Nation. Live Nation is currently directly or indirectly engaged in substantially all aspects of the live entertainment and music businesses, including, without limitation, artist management and services, music recording and distribution, concert promotions, festival operations, venue management and operation, filmed entertainment relating to music, merchandising, ticketing and related e-commerce and commercial transactions.

By agreeing below and submitting your proposal, you acknowledge and agree that Live Nation and its representatives (i) may currently or in the future be developing information, knowledge, business concepts or technology internally, or obtaining information, knowledge, business concepts or technology from other persons, which may be similar to information, knowledge or technology contained or reflected in your proposal, and (ii) may now or in the future enter into agreements or transactions with third parties similar to your proposal and the ideas and concepts embodied therein, and/or otherwise competitive with and to you and your business interests.

Your submission of a proposal to The Live Nation Women Fund will in no way obligate Live Nation to provide investment funding to you and/or enter into a business relationship with you, and will not limit, restrict or preclude Live Nation from pursuing any of its present or future business activities or interests or from entering into any agreement or transaction with any third party, regardless of whether such business activities or interests are competitive with or similar to your proposed business and regardless of whether the subject matter of any such agreement or transaction is in any way similar to that embodied in your proposal.

Similarly, your submission of a proposal in no way binds you to do business with Live Nation and does not restrict you from pursuing your proposal on your own or with other third parties, regardless of whether they are competitors of Live Nation.

Live Nation may engage with you in order to better understand your submitted proposal, but any such dialogue, whether by e-mail, phone, in person or otherwise, will not commit Live Nation to fund your proposal or otherwise to do business with you, unless and until that determination is evidenced by a binding written agreement to proceed beyond the exploratory phase.

Live Nation additionally agrees that it will maintain the confidentiality of your proposal and the information provided by you, and will not disclose such information to third parties other than its employees or agents who need to know such information in order to evaluate the merits of the proposal and a potential investment in your business.